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About Baesis

BAESIS is a young and innovative competence centre for Active Safety. We offer high quality technical consultancy, as well as system and software engineering, training and coaching activities. We focus on adding safety to complex automotive electronic systems, using the latest automotive industrial standard: AUTOSAR and ISO 26262.

Increasingly intelligent vehicles and the growing use of electronics and software on board create numerous challenges in the innovative area of Active Safety.
BAESIS offers solutions for these challenges, aiming on cost efficiency and minimum change impact.

Why is BAESIS your preferred partner in Active Safety?

We offer KNOWHOW:
BAESIS is working and exchanging knowledge with German OEMs and TIERs:
  • Contributing to the EFFICIENT implementation of the new ISO 26262 standard;
  • ACCELARATING the development processes and time to market;
  • Achieving and maintaining ISO 26262 compliance;
  • Taking the lead in COST EFFECTIVE solutions when implementing Active Safety in Autosar.

The BAESIS Safety Architectural Patterns caught the eye of German OEMs and TIERs. These patterns hold more than 30 years of experience of the safety engineering domain. BAESIS is currently implementing Active Safety Concepts which are ready for mass production (Start Of Production – SOP) for today’s premium class German passenger cars.
BAESIS offers custom made trainings and project specific solutions.

We focus on INNOVATION:
BAESIS is located on the High Tech Automotive Campus. A challenging and inspiring environment where companies and institutions work together in a spirit of cooperation, knowledge sharing and open innovation.
We focus on Today’s Active Safety. Active Safety is on top of our mind!


AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System Architecture) is an open software architecture, developed jointly by automobile manufacturers, system providers and tools developers. These companies, organized in a consortium, have the objective to create and set up standards for E/E systems of the automotive industry, to provide a basis for developing software, human-machine interfaces and control systems.

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ISO 26262
is the new international standard for functional safety in the automotive industry, from early concept definition to testing and maintenance.
It has been written to guide the system developers in their process to define safety guidelines.

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