BAESIS creates safety concepts for complex automotive electronic systems. Our fundamentally different approach (paradigm shift) resulted in the unique BAESIS Safety Concept  (patent pending), that caught the eye of several TIER’s. This concept is now being implemented in German passenger cars.

    The BAESIS Safety Concept

    Vehicles can move autonomously and navigate trough everyday traffic situations, 
    which steer and park without human interaction. These increasingly intelligent
    vehicles are an important innovative area that is rapidly becoming more advanced
    and complex. With a growing use of electronics and software on board, active
    safety gets more important every day.

    Sustainable Safety is also an important costumer-factor but it’s even more
    important for the automotive industry in terms of liability. Therefore safety will
    remain a driver behind technical developments and continue to be the main focus
    for the automotive industry.

    The BAESIS Safety Concept is a total different way of thinking (paradigm Shift)
  • BAESIS Safety Concept is patent pending
    Implemented in many German passenger cars form 2012 onwards
  • BAESIS Solution to implement Safety for AUTOSAR
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BAESIS Automotive, competence centre for Active Safety.